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PLAN of CT Trust Options

PLAN of CT offers trust choices because each family's needs are different. Each family's attorney will provide them with the information they need to make the right choice of trust.

PLAN of CT provides four trust documents for clients to consider with their attorneys. Each has been carefully prepared by counsel for PLAN.

Families planning for the future will choose, guided by their attorney, among PLAN's Revocable Lifetime Advocacy Trust, Irrevocable Lifetime Advocacy Trust or Irrevocable Insurance Trust.

Any funds remaining at the termination of any of these Lifetime Advocacy Trusts will be distributed according to the wishes of the family.

PLAN of CT does not retain any portion of the residual funds from the trust unless the family names PLAN when they set up their trust.

Families assisting a relative with a disability who already has funds of his or her own will choose PLAN's trust designed to hold the beneficiary's own property. Unlike other PLAN trusts, any assets remaining in these trusts after the beneficiary's lifetime are subject to claims against the beneficiary's estate for reimbursement of public assistance which the beneficiary received during life.

PLAN of CT offers a Pooled Trust
The PLAN Pooled Trust is the only OBRA93 trust in CT that can be used by an individual over age 65. The PLAN Pooled Trust, also known as a "(d)(4)(c) Trust" is designed to allow an individual to fund a trust account with their own assets, retain a lifetime benefit from those assets, and still qualify for Medicaid.

A Pooled Trust arrangement offers an alternative to simply spending down or transferring assets to qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid eligibility criteria still apply, but by utilizing the PLAN Pooled Trust arrangement, individuals can retain a lifetime benefit from their assets and still qualify for Medicaid. Once an individual qualifies for Medicaid, the trust funds can be used to purchase supplemental items and services not otherwise covered by this government entitlement program.

Further, upon the beneficiary's death any residual funds are either held in a charitable account in the Pooled Trust for the benefit of other individuals with disabilities or paid back to the State for reimbursement.

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